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Simplicity empowers

The vision behind Xledger is to simplify business management.

The traditional ERP system is a highly complex apparatus, capable of many functions, but resulting in long implementation times, high management overhead, large IT infrastructure, difficult user interfaces, and astronomical price tags. This complexity is overwhelming and makes it seem like the sum of the parts are greater than the whole.

Xledger takes a different approach. For us simplicity is the strategy. The basic philosophy and motivation for Xledger’s founders is, and has always been, to make life simple for our customers. In comparison, Xledger is truly an embodiment of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

At Xledger we believe that business management solutions should be able to function without placing excessive demands on the business. The system should be a tool to help run the business, not a part of the business in its own right. Ideally, it should be like the electricity and telephone systems used within a business. It should be quick to get running and cost effective to operate. Companies should be able to pay for what they use and should not be locked in to a particular supplier or length of contract.

The user experience is extremely important for how Xledger is designed, and how it is continually developed. At Xledger we believe that true genius is in simplicity – not complexity. It is not easy to make complexity simple, especially for robust ERP solutions like Xledger – but that is what we are committed to doing and that we strive for. Too often complex business systems have not been designed with the end-user in mind.

At an operational level, business management systems essentially have 2 functions – control and empowerment. Many systems do the former quite well but are not good at providing the latter. A key functional objective for the Xledger team was to create a system which allows the imposition of necessary levels of control but, just as importantly, enables all levels of user to easily see the key information they need to efficiently manage the business.

Through a simple and user-friendly interface and with help from Xledger’s personalized technical support, it is our goal that users should be empowered – not feeling helpless!

Because of our sustained dedication to simplicity, Xledger is much easier to implement, learn and use than comparable systems!

We value your questions and comments! Reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly.

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