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Businesswomen gaining insight from data on a tablet

Insight empowers understanding

Ambitious managers and decision-makers know how their company is doing financially and operationally at any given time. With Xledger, managers at all levels of an organization have full insight into their businesses through graphs, dashboards, and inquiry options. And this insight is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Reporting and query functionality are essential in order to get the maximum value of a business management system. Simplicity in registration is not by itself sufficient unless combined with good tools to extract and analyze data for decision-making purposes.

Xledger lets you use predefined queries and reports, as well as having the possibility of customized reports.

From any dashboard, query or graph users can drill down to the lowest level of detail to access underlying data – including reference documents. This provides full traceability and control across all areas of the system.

Xledger has strong reporting and analysis functions built right in. For customers that require more specific reports, our Xledger Report Writer enables definition of custom layouts and data organization so that managers, project leaders, and others can easily access their data in the most meaningful format.

Man a showing client data on a computer, offering business insight
Business intelligence

Though export of data is simple and easy, it should not be necessary to gain actionable intelligence. Xledger’s business intelligence tools such as Xplorer make diving into the data and gleaning relevant, timely insight usable for anyone. Filter, sort, and subtotal across any combination of entities, accounts, dimensions, subledgers, projects, funds, assets, banks, etc. for truly multi-dimensional analysis. Even view all of this in pivot charts/tables with drag-and-drop ease.

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