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Dare to be different

One of Xledger’s core values is “dare to be different.”

Xledger takes a different approach to business management than traditional ERP vendors. Xledger is created first and foremost with the customer in mind – with a vision to simplify business management and to automate as many processes as possible. While ERP systems traditionally have required a lot of customization and consulting services, Xledger has created a standardized, but configurable, solution that is easy and cost-effective to implement and to upgrade. In order for the customer to gain maximum value from the sophisticated automation features in Xledger, some change management might be required.

Xledger is built on a multi-tenant cloud platform which means that all of our customers are on the same version of the system. This creates simplicity and economies of scale. The benefits and the cost savings are passed on to our customers.

The five approaches to business management we have taken, based upon best practices, are as follows:

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